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hi! this is the new biography of the new destiny's child.


Full Name: Beyonce Gisselle Knowles
Nickname: Bee or JuJu
Birthdate: September 4, 1981
Birth Place: Houston, Texas
Zodiac sign: Virgo
Sings: Lead vocals
Role in the group: the serious one; the mother of the group
Favorite Flower: White Rose
Favorite Perfume(women): She is allergic to perfume so she prefers different oils
Favorite Cologne(men): Burberrys of London
Favorite Food: Soul Food
Favorite Pro-Sports Team: Houston Comets
Favorite Cities: Houston and Atlanta
Favorite Song of All Time: Moments of Love
Favorite Movie: Sparkle
Favorite Rapper: Wyclef Jean
Favorite Singer: Stevie Wonder
Favorite Book: Waiting to Exhale
Pets: Cat named Master P
Dream Car: "I love trucks!"
Star You Would Like to Meet The Most: Stevie Wonder
Height: 5'6 1/2"
Secret crush: none of the world's bizz
Secret flaw: "i never dance at parties" (which means she cant dance)

Full Name: Kelendria Trene Rowland
Nickname: Kelly
Birthdate: February 11, 1981
Birth Place: Atlanta, Geogia
Zodiac sign: Aquarius
Sings: 2nd Lead
Role in the group: the sensitive one
Favorite Flower: A white Rose
Favorite Perfume (for women): Aqua Di
Favorite Cologne (for men): Aqua Di
Favorite Foods: Salads
Favorite Pro-Sports Teams: Los Angeles Lakers & Chicago Bulls
Favorite City in the world: Houston & Atlanta
Favorite Song of All time: "I don't have one"
Favorite Movie: Soul Food
Favorite Rapper: Mase
Favorite Singer: Whitney Houston
Favorite Book: How Stella Got her Groove Back
Pets: Cat named Master P
Dream Car: Range Rover
Star You Would Like to Meet The Most: Janet Jackson
Height: unknown
Secret crush: Kobe Bryant
Secret flaw:"I just broke up with my boyfriend. I'm on the rebound."

Full Name: Tenitra Michelle Williams
Nickname: Michelle, Lil'Miss
Birthdate: July 23, 1980
Age: 20
Hometown: Rockford, Illinois(hour from Chicago) but now lives in Houston, TX.
Sings: Lead

Info: "My being with Destiny's Child is a blessing from God," says Michelle Williams,20, who literally happened to be in the right place at the right moment. As she points out, it is not often that an aspiring singer can join a group that is already on the top of the charts and in the midst of a big promotional blitz. But that's what happened in January. The Rockford, Ill., native started singing in church as a child(her first solo was "Blessed Assurance" at age 7 or 8), and had always aspired to a career in show business. After high school, she studied criminal justice and accounting for two years at a college. but in the summer of 1999, took advantage of an opportunity to sing backup for Monica. She happened to meet Kelly and Beyonce in the looby of an Atlanta hotel. Months later Beyonce asked an acquaintance if he knew of anyone who could sing for a possible spot with Destiny's Child, and the person referred her to Michelle. Before she knew what was really happening, Michelle was on a plane to Houston, where she sang for Kelly, Beyonce, and the Knowles. That was January 2000. By February she was shooting the "Say My Name" video. Michelle says she is blessed to have the support of her parents, Anita Williams, a missionary, and her father, Dennis Williams, who is assistant manager for a financial firm.
-Ebony Magazine

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